Membership of RiskEtrade is available exclusively to Austbrokers Hiller Marine Supply Chain Risk Cover policyholders. The application highlights some of the key risk exposures that Members are most vulnerable to when importing or exporting & provides access to a panel of experts at the RiskEtrade supply chain risk helpdesk.

Incoterms - risk & insurance guide

RiskEtrade provides an interactive Incoterms tool that indicates where & when importers and exporters are at risk, & when they are responsible to insure cargoes, moving through their international supply chains.

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Members' supply chain risk helpdesk

RiskEtrade allows Members to submit questions relating to their specific circumstances to the RiskEtrade Helpdesk.

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Key supply chain risk exposure guide

RiskEtrade highlights some of the key risk exposures & insurance issues that Members can face when dealing with local & overseas suppliers & customers, shipping lines, governmental authorities & transport operators.

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